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About Us

         Established in the year 1974 Ascott Electricals pvt.Ltd, has carved for itself a niche as a leading Manufacturer of Transformers. We Specialize in Metering sets Current and Potential Transformers upto 132KV, Distribution and Power Transformers upto 50 MVA, 132 KV, Rectifier units, Furnace and Special application Transformers.

Our Products meet the needs of state utilities as well as Industrial and Commercial clients. An ISO 9001 Certified Company Ascott's unique design and manufacturing process combined together with technology and stringent quality testing process offers its customers with nothing less than the best. Our Metering sets are designed to meet the requirements of Electricity Boards and other utilities with an accuracy of 0.2% and low less power and distribution transformer has been instrumental in upgrading our level of accuracy and Performance.

In its quest for .satisfaction of its clients it is ensured that the quality of the products and their delivery deadlines are never compromised at ASCOTT.